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Physical, mental, and emotional well-being are the basis to our Happiness. Our mind is a powerful tool and we can all use it in all areas of our lives. Our workplace is no exception.

Aware of the importance of making our employees happy, Macro Group created the Happiness & Self Improvement department with the challenge of jointly improving in areas such as:

1) knowledge & skills; 2) physical & emotional well-being; 3) recruitment; 4) general improvement; 5) internal communication.

As our structure grows, as do the challenges that are daily presented to us, both at the professional and personal levels, it seems fundamental the emergence of a department that “looks”, in a mature and human way, for each member of our team, in a Macro and Micro perspective.

Macro – in order to evaluate and improve the general behavior of the team, in the way people move, behave, and relate to each other;

Micro – in order to evaluate and help each member in particular, looking for what can be improved and/or adjusted and how the company can help create this personal empowerment.

Together, WE MAKE IT REAL.



Founded in 1988 with the vision to improve the mould making process with differentiating and efficient solutions.