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“Macro Group Solidarity - Stop COVID-19” Project





We announce, with a feeling of great joy and deep gratitude for the donations that were generously made within the “Macro Group Solidarity - Stop COVID-19” project scope, that the 2 Portable Ventilators acquired in the campaign were formally delivered to the Centro Hospitalar de Entre Douro and Vouga (CHEDV) on November 4th, to the Management and Emergency Service and VMER teams.

In the same day, the training of technicians took place, and both Ventilators were put into immediate service.

As mentioned, both Ventilators are portable, which allows them to be used in vehicles for emergency services transport:

  • VMER - CHEDV Emergency Medical and Resuscitation Vehicle for pre-hospital intervention;
  • Inter-Hospital Transport Vehicle;

Through this campaign, the following material was delivered to CHEDV:

  1.   2 Portable Ventilators Hamilton T1;
  2.   2 Vital Signs Monitors;
  3.   15 Digital No-Touch Thermometers.

CHEDV provides hospital services to a total of 330,000 inhabitants, in a vast geographical area, which includes municipalities such as Santa Maria da Feira, Oliveira de Azeméis, São João da Madeira, Arouca, among others, and extends to the border municipalities of Vila Nova de Gaia and Coimbra. At this moment, when the number of contagions increases again, all these equipments become essential.

To conclude, we would like to share two messages received that convey, without any doubt, that all the effort and each euro donated, will serve the great purpose of this campaign – To Save Lives!

Grateful to all participants and to all who helped publicize this initiative.

Together, WE MAKE IT REAL!




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